Schedulista is now available in multiple languages

Schedulista has gone international. We’ve translated the scheduler into French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can see an example of each by clicking the links below:

You can change your scheduler language by going to the design page or by clicking the “Settings” tab, click “Design” and click “Language”.

Screenshot from 2016-05-24 09:42:10

Please note that only the scheduler (what your clients see) has been translated. The rest of the app is still in English.

If you’d like to have Schedulista translated into another language, let us know by sending a request to

2 thoughts on “Schedulista is now available in multiple languages

  1. Hello,

    I have a site that is in both French and English, I was wondering since your app is now available in French as well is it possible to have visitors use it in both languages? Or is there a way for that on the French site the app functions in french and in english it functions english

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