New Embeddable Scheduling Widget

You can now embed Schedulista as a “widget” directly into your website.

The widget is smart enough to resize vertically (no ugly scrollbars within your page). The widget is also responsive (it automatically adjusts for mobile).

We’ve tested the widget in a number of website builders including Squarespace, Weebly, and Yola.

You can see an example of the new widget embedded in Squarespace. This demo website works equally well on mobile.

Want to try it out yourself? We have detailed instructions on adding a widget to your website.

Scheduler Widget

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6 thoughts on “New Embeddable Scheduling Widget

  1. HIi, I was wondering if I receive a phone call can I schedule visit into appointment book and will this system work for me in New Zealand?

    • If you receive a phone call, you can easily add an appointment in Schedulista for your client. If you are using a computer or tablet, you would just add it directly to the Schedulista calendar (which only you can see — your clients use the online scheduler and not your calendar). If you are using your mobile phone, we have a mobile app that lets you easily manage your appointment calendar.

      Schedulista will work great in New Zealand with one exception. We partner with a service called Stripe in order to take credit card payments. Stripe does not support New Zealand bank accounts, so you will likely be unable to take credit card payments in Schedulista.

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