We just added a new feature where clients can pay for appointments right when they book.


I know this is a huge deal for a lot of you! Payments have been by far our number one requested feature.

Note: The new payments option is in addition to our preexisting credit card capture feature, which is still an option.

Additional information:
Payments overview
Set up credit card payments & capture


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17 thoughts on “Payments

    • Hi Linda,

      If you go to the “Settings” tab and click “Add to my website” you will see some html code that you can copy and paste into the html of your website. We provide you with code to add a “Schedule Now” button or a link that will redirect clients to your scheduling page. There is also code to embed your scheduler directly into your website.

      We have some articles and instructions about how to add your Schedulista scheduler to your website here

          • We would like to offer gift certificates this year and since Christmas is coming up, it would be nice it that was available. If not, can I set it up like a service? then provide a message saying that the gift certificate will be emailed to them with the option of picking it up at the clinic?

      • Has there been any update on this? I have a client that wants their customers to be able to buy gift certificates as well as book appointments on their Squarespace website.

        • Hi Nicholas,

          There is lots of interest in having a gift certiciate feature in Schedulista. But, we do not have that capability at this time.

          Squarespace does have built-in e-commerce functionality, so you could sell a gift certificate that way.

          • Hi Felix,
            Is it possible to set up credit card payments with Stripe, then add gift certificate to services offered? As long as I am notified, I could send the gift certificate out in the mail or make arrangements.

          • Hi Kim,

            What you describe is possible, but I don’t think it would work well since each “purchase” would be a booking on your calendar. We don’t have a way for you to sell gift certificates built into Schedulista.

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