Online Scheduling & Marketing: Follow-up emails

Wouldn’t it be great to automatically send a follow-up email after a client comes in for an appointment. You could thank the client for coming in, ask for a review, or even offer a discount on the next appointment.

We have just added a new feature that lets you do all of this and more. Let me walk you through a few scenarios.

Offer a Discount for a Second Appointment

One interesting marketing scenario is to be able to offer a discount to first-time clients who schedule a second appointment. I’ll quickly show you how you might do this using the new follow-up email feature:

I would only like to offer this special if it is the client’s first appointment, if the client does not already have another appointment scheduled, and if the client came in for specific service.

Above, you can see I’ve configured Schedulista to do just that.

Note: Schedulista will only send one follow-up email per appointment. If two follow-up email templates are a match, Schedulista will choose the most specific match.

Here is a preview of what the follow-up email will look like:

Ask for a review

Getting Internet reviews  is a great way to help grow your business. But for many of us, asking clients directly for reviews is uncomfortable.

In the screenshot above, I have configured Schedulista to send a follow-up email if the client has come in at least three times.

A preview of what the follow-up email will look like:


A special thanks to all of our customers who have shared their experiences and insight into how they promote their businesses. We built this feature for you. I hope this new feature helps you grow your business.

Happy Marketing!

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2 thoughts on “Online Scheduling & Marketing: Follow-up emails

    • Yes, that would be great. Thanks for the suggestion.

      You might want to check out MailChimp’s automation. We integrate with MailChimp, and you can send triggered emails based on Schedulista data (with some limitations). It should handle your case.

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