Now more ways to add scheduling to Facebook

We’ve noticed — and you likely have, too — that tabs on Facebook pages don’t appear in the mobile app for phones and tablets.

There are other ways to integrate Schedulista into your Facebook business page so it appears on all devices.


We recommend adding a “Book Now” button as the best option to connect your clients on Facebook to your scheduler.



You can also share your scheduler on your page with a post to encourage clients to schedule appointments. You can pin that post to the top of your page’s timeline to keep clients aware.


And, of course, we still support the Schedule Appointment tab.

Check out the Facebook page in your Settings to learn more about these options to add and promote scheduling on your Facebook business page.


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4 thoughts on “Now more ways to add scheduling to Facebook

  1. Do you have to confirm the appointment or is it automatically mad e by the client?

  2. When a client requests appointment can you as administrator of my business review it and have the control to choose date and time or decline the request?
    Also, can I ,as the one who handles all requests, give an appointment to one of my clients who has not yet requested the appointment? TIA

    • There is no approval process for an appointment scheduled by a client. You can always cancel the appointment and state a reason, though.

      Yes, you can schedule an appointment for a client (without them requesting the appointment).

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