New Schedulista mobile app v6: Push notifications for provider alerts, Activities log

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We’ve just released a new version of our mobile app!

What’s new in version 6?

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, specifically for Apple’s recent iOS 13 releases, two new features are going to help make your business more efficient.

Push Notifications
Push notifications through the new mobile app are replacing the provider text messages to alert you when appointments are booked, cancelled, or rescheduled by clients or other providers.

Same information, but you’ll get it more quickly. Plus, you can tap on the push notification to open to the appointment on your mobile app calendar to view full details. Learn more about provider push notifications here.

IMPORTANT: By using the new app, you will no longer receive provider text (SMS) notifications. Your clients, of course, will still receive appointment text reminders if they’ve opted in.

Activities Page
The new Activities Page lists recent activities that have happened on your account in chronological order. This log lets you see who booked, cancelled, or rescheduled appointments in the order they happened. Explore more on Activities in the mobile app here.

Check your phone for app updates or install the latest version by searching for “Schedulista” in the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android.

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