New Schedulista Mobile Apps

new online scheduling app

We’ve just launched new versions of our iPhone and Android apps.

We rewrote the apps from scratch for a better user experience (plus a modern look), and we’re excited to share them with everyone.

Other improvements include:

  • Client search
  • Merge clients
  • Change your work hours or take the day off
  • Appointments can now be scheduled in 5-minute increments
  • 24-hour work schedule possible

Thanks beta testers

Thanks to our awesome beta testers who helped us squash the bugs and iron out the kinks:

Jackie, Valerie, Jessica, Traci, Michele, Debra, Frank, Greg, Bonnie, Pilar, Nancy, Isha, Jack, Amanda, Tommy, Candi, Rachael, Gabriel, Lauren, Michael, Daniel, Dr. Amy, Margit, Dre, Allan, Marina, Sydney, Brianna, Scott, Dan, Julie, Jody, Megan, Shelly, Rich, Carol, Lisa, Holli, Kait, Dan, Kristen, Jocelyn, Connor, Tony, Frank, AJ, Miranda, Danny, Ember, Brittney, Matt, Lindsay, Dr. Dustin, Riot, Katrina, April, Shayla, Casey, Jimmy, Jaiya, Audrey, Cindy, Krystal, Talin, Cindy, Gabriel, Lindsay, Jordan, Kelli, Heather, Shelly, Erica, Richard, Amber, Jessica, Dominic, Jenny, Shelly, Sam, Laura, Andrea, Shaylee, Michele, Paul, Cassandra, Mike, Nicole, Michelle, Dr. Theresa, Gary, Ronit, and many more…

Upgrade on iOS

To upgrade to the new app on iPhone, go to App Store > Updates and press the “Update” button next to Schedulista.

Upgrade on Android

On Android, we’ve launched the new version as a brand-new (separate) app. Click here to install, or you can search for “Schedulista” in the Google Play store to find it. We recommend uninstalling the older app.

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