New Look for Client Emails

Great news. Today we shipped a new look for client emails.

The new email format more closely matches the new scheduler design.


Old Look

scheduling email - old design

New Look

scheduling email - new design


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11 thoughts on “New Look for Client Emails

    • The new email format more closely matches the design on your scheduling page and is also has some magic in it that makes it more mobile friendly.

  1. Unfortunately, it also enlarges / highlights the branding for Scheudlista. I like the service and certainly don’t mind some degree of branding to help reduce the overall cost and increase the value of the service. But I think the redesign goes in the wrong direction. I would prefer that the branding for Scheudlista was more subtle.

    • Hi Duane,

      Thanks for your thoughts regarding Schedulista branding.

      The new scheduler shouldn’t highlight the Schedulista brand — by pushing the Schedulista logo further down, and making it clear (by putting it in a light gray box) that it is outside of the rest of the email we hoped to highlight it less.

      I also think we do a better job now of highlighting your business’s is brand now.

      Note: The image shown above, which is of a Schedulista demo business, mentions “Schedulista” in the title — whereas your business of course will not. Not sure if this is the source of the confusion.

      Also note: We just fixed an issue where the Schedulista logo was shown far too big on Outlook email clients. So if you are looking at the email in Outlook, schedule another test appointment and tell me what you think.

  2. Sweet. I love the entire format! The design looks great plus makes makes it extremely easy for my clients to access all appointment related things. Add to their calendar, locate the office, cancel (within the preset time frame) and reschedule. Smart design. I especially like the larger “schedule another” and easy to identify logo placement. Looks great on mobile. Love it. Thank you!

  3. I can’t find anywhere that says that the stylist is able to confirm appointments before they are scheduled, but I noticed that in the email it says that your appointment is confirmed. Is that because the stylist confirmed it, or is that just an automatic email?

    Oh and I like the new layout as well!


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