Want more control over which services are booked when?

Would you prefer to limit some services to particular days or specific start times?

Are your Groupon clients filling up your entire schedule to the detriment of your existing clients?

We have a new feature that helps you solve these kinds of problems.

Here is how it works:

Instead of having appointments booked on an interval (say every hour), you now have the option to let clients book only at specific times. You can also have custom settings for individual services.

The screenshot above shows an example (note: you can set this up yourself under /settings/policies).

In the screenshot, I have set up my schedule so that most services can be booked every hour. But, my Groupon Haircut, and my Living Social Haircut has been configured to be available at only 1pm and 2pm  Monday-Friday, and 3pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have personally helped a lot of our customers achieve similar results through complicated workarounds. I’m glad to say, those days are over.

Send me email, or leave a comment here. I’d love to hear your stories on how this new feature is working out for you –

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About Felix Livni

Felix has 15 years experience working in high tech. He has worked at startups, built internet services at Google and Microsoft, and founded two software companies, one during the first dot-com boom. He has a background in mathematics, distributed systems, and people management. Felix's passions outside work include painting, cooking, and armchair theorizing with friends.

2 thoughts on “Want more control over which services are booked when?

  1. How do we let clients know that they have to make an appointment for their whole service? eg colour, and cut and blow wave etc

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. We recommend that you set up a separate service for the combined, e.g. “Cut & Color” would be a single service. If you want to organize them, you can place these combination services in a separate category called “Combo Services”, for example.

      If I didn’t answer your question, you might want to follow up with our customer support: support@schedulista.com.

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