Credit Card Capture — Charge for No-Shows.

A few months ago we sent out a customer survey. One of the questions we asked was for you to rank potential features.

The most popular request by far was for the ability to capture a credit card at the time a client schedules online.

In fact, more than half of you asked for this feature. Great news: Here you go.

Online scheduling credit card capture.

You can now take a credit card at the time your client schedules an appointment. If your client misses an appointment without canceling, you can charge the client.

If your client misses an appointment without canceling, you can charge the client.

For our credit card processor, we partnered with Stripe. Stripe is a fantastic service. It is free to sign up, and there is no monthly charge. If you charge a credit card, you pay 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. What is really great is you never actually see the credit card number or other details. In fact, we don’t even have access to them. Stripe keeps all of the information secure, and only shares a unique token. This approach yields the highest security and the highest PCI rating.

It is really easy to set this up. You can find instructions here.


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7 thoughts on “Credit Card Capture — Charge for No-Shows.

  1. Hi Felix,

    Would you consider also setting up Square? It’s more popular with small businesses like mine and more importantly – cheaper at 2.75% per transaction (the going rate according to my research).

  2. Hi Felix,
    Is it a client’s choice to pay with credit card at the time of booking?
    I checked it out few Months ago and my clients had to enter credit card number every single time of booking. However, some of them do not wish to do that since we are accepting cash or check also.

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