We have a new feature that will let you create classes, group appointments (appointments with multiple clients), and workshops.

Here’s a quick preview:

Services now have a new option to make them a class.


Once you have a class, you can schedule them on your calendar just like you would a regular appointment.

You can add clients. (They will get automatically notified of their reservation.)

And you can remove clients. (They will automatically get notified of the cancellation.)


Clients can also schedule themselves in any upcoming classes that have openings.

Schedule Class

Finally, we have an advanced feature, where you can let clients schedule new classes themselves. This way they can join an existing class, or create a new class when there is available time on the calendar.

create class (advanced)


9 thoughts on “Classes

  1. I am very interested in the new workshop feature. As I do teach classes, this would be a great feature for organization and less time on the phone!

  2. I see that I can set up my Schedulista calendar so it offers single (private) appointments and group (multiple) appointments (classes). I will offer both of these services. I will also offer an option for duets–two friends can share one appointment time. Is there a way to set up the schedule so that a time slot offers the possibility for one person to sign up and hold the time slot as a private OR the possibility for two friends to sign up and hold the time slot as a duet?

  3. Is there a way that we can configure a class in such a way that one single buyer can purchase 2 or more slots in the same class withing the same transactions? e.g. you buy a ticket for you and your partner in the same transaction for the same class.

  4. Hi there,
    I have been using schedulista for about a year now and loving it! I am just now learning about this feature to also use it for workshops, which is perfect for me. Thank you!! One question I have is can I have classes & workshops on a separate page from the appointment scheduler? The way my website is set up, I have online booking for individual appointments on one page, and then information about classes on a separate page. I think this is more intuitive for my clients, and I would love to be able to have them sign up for classes without having to navigate the individual appointments page. I look forward to hearing back! Thanks!

    • Hi Noelle,

      Great to hear that Schedulista is serving you well.

      We don’t have a way within Schedulista to have two separate scheduler pages (one for classes and one for regular services).

      You can have, what we call, private services. A private service has it’s own page. Some folks build a page on their website that has a menu of the private services, which then links to each individual private service in Schedulista. Perhaps this will suit your needs?

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