About Zeb Burke-Conte

Zeb studies Informatics at the University of Washington. When he's not at school, he writes code for Schedulista. And when he's not doing that, he plays recreational basketball and hangs out with friends.

New customizations for the scheduling widget

We’ve just rolled out a new feature that allows you to fine-tune the look of the widget.

You can specify font, accent color, text color, and background color.

We also have an option called “Design Inheritance” that lets Schedulista automatically choose these options for you based on your website.

Choosing Fonts and Colors

On the Scheduler page you can now customize all of the widget’s colors and the font it uses.


Choosing Design Inheritance

Design inheritance allows your widget to match the design of the website you embed it in. Rather than manually entering the same colors and font you use on your website, you can use design inheritance to do this for you. Simply change the setting for a font or color to “Inherit” to use inheritance for that aspect of your widget’s design.


Scheduler improvement for businesses with only one service

We have streamlined the scheduler for businesses that offer just one service. The “Choose a Service” page has been removed and clients will be able to choose a time (or if there are multiple providers, then choose a provider) right from the scheduler landing page.

The new scheduler landing page will look like this:

Note: If you already have a Schedulista business with only one service, this may have changed the flow of your scheduler. We’ve done our best to turn on this feature for only businesses that it works well for, but feel free to get in touch if your scheduler has been changed and you prefer the old flow.