New Home Page, Appointments Report, Provider Photos & Bios

I hope all of you had a great three-day weekend.

We have a few new features to announce.

New Home Page

We have created a new home page which  acts as both a dashboard, summarizing your your business, as well as a launching point to get into the deeper reports.  Below are a few screen captures of the new home page:


You can see widgets that show upcoming appointments, scheduling statistics, and a chart showing what your week will look like.

home-page 2

New “All Appointments” Report

There is a link below your upcoming appointments called “view all my appointments” which takes you to the brand new “all appointments report”.  The report has live search, so you can instantly look up just about anything, e.g. all upcoming appointments offered by a particular provider, all appointments for a particular client, all appointments matching a particular service, or even all three criteria at once.

You can also export  your entire appointment history.  You can use this to run your own analysis in Excel or Google Docs, or import it into other software, like an accounting pack

all appointments reportA quick note about security: as always, accounts that have “provider” security level do not have access to client or appointment data,including this report. And their home page will only show a subset of the data, e.g. just their own upcoming appointments.

New Provider Photos & Bios

You might have noticed that  the new home page shows photographs of service providers. Well, now you can (optionally) upload a photograph of each Schedulista user.

If you are a multi-provider business, you can include a provider bio and both the photograph and the bio will show up on your public scheduling page.

provider photos and bios

Rotating Quotes

At the top of the page, we added a rotating list of awesome quotes —  because who doesn’t like to see awesome quotes.

motivational quotes

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy!


Limited Offers

Have you ever wanted to offer a service that  was only available between two dates?

Have you ever wanted to offer a service privately — so that it did not appear in the list of your other services, and was available only through a private link?

We have a new feature called Limited Offers that lets you accomplish both of these things.


An example of a private service that is not limited by date:

You can read instructions on how to implement limited offers in Schedulista here:

And setup instruction on private services here: