Flex Time

We added a new way for you to manage your schedule. We call it Flex Time.

It is now easy to take the day off, or even open up a day that you typically ┬ádon’t work.

The image below illustrates how you might open up one Saturday between 10am and 2pm.

Works Hours

We also made it much easier to adjust your overall work hours. You can now do this directly from your calendar.

That’s it. Easy.

Repeating Appointments: You can’t do this with pen and paper!

Hey busy schedulers,

We just added the ability to have repeating service appointments in Schedulista.

You might have a client who has a standing appointment for a massage once every other week on Thursdays. Up until now, you would have had to book some number of appointments out — let’s say for the next few months. This was cumbersome to set up — and maintain — How many times have you forgotten to extend the appointments for another few months?

We now not only let you easily set up a repeating appointment, you can optionally set it up to never end — an infinite series of appointments.

In the screenshot below, I have set up a massage appointment to repeat every other week on Thursdays forever…

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