2-way Google Calendar Sync

Do you use Google calendar? Do you wish that  all your Google appointments would show up in Schedulista, and vice versa?

Your wish has been granted. We are excited to introduce 2-way  Google Calendar.

All your Google appointments will appear in Schedulista and all your Schedulista  appointments will appear in Google calendar.


  • Adding a personal appointment in Google calendar will automatically block time out in your Schedulista calendar.
  • You can reschedule any appointment in either calendar, and the change will be reflected in the other calendar.
  • Google appointment data (such as title and description) in your Schedulista calendar will be hidden from all other Schedulista providers, including administrators.


Set up Instructions



Announcing Appointment Setup and Cleanup Time

Do you need extra time before an appointment to prepare? Do you need extra time at the end of an appointment to clean up?

As of today we have a new feature: Appointment Setup and Cleanup Time.

Online Appointment Scheduling - Add Setup and Cleanup Time

You can optionally configure setup and cleanup time per service.

Note: If you were previously including cleanup time in the total duration of your service (as a workaround), you can now take advantage of cleanup time.

Neither set up nor cleanup time will be revealed to your clients. An example:

You offer a “60-minute hot stone massage” that requires an additional 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to cleanup.

Your calendar is free from 1:00 pm on.

Your client will see a free time slot starting at 1:15 pm. If your client schedules this time, there will be a new appointment on your calendar that lasts from 1:15 pm until 2:15 pm, with a 15 minute buffer surrounding it.

We have had a fair amount of request for this feature, especially from massage therapists and from anyone needing to include travel time in their appointment.

As always, keep the ideas coming.