Schedulista + MailChimp

Today we are announcing Schedulista + MailChimp integration.

  1. Automatically keep your client records up to date in MailChimp. No more need to import and export email addresses manually.
  2. The ability to highly target email campaigns, for example:
    • Clients who came in for a particular service
    • Clients who have been in only once
    • Clients who have not been in in the last three months

Will Groupon Hurt Your Business?

For the small service business, Groupon offers an amazing proposition: With no work on your part and no upfront cost, Groupon will bring you new clients.

Although I mention Groupon throughout the rest of the post, the same thinking applies to other Daily Deal promotions, including LivingSocial and Google Offers.

Across the Internet, massage therapists, hairstylists, accountants, personal trainers, acupuncturists, and all manner of consultants are asking whether Groupon really delivers. Continue reading