One easy way to generate keywords for your website, blog, search ad, business listing

One factor that affects search ranking are the words (or ‘keywords’) you use in your content. Anytime you publish information about your business to the web (whether it be a blog, website, or business listing), it’s wise to include keywords that your potential customers will be searching for. If you neglect to include a keyword, then people searching for that word probably won’t find you. Continue reading

Grow your business with Google Local Search

You’ve built a fantastic business and your existing customers love you, but attracting new clients isn’t always easy.

When potential clients are looking for a business like yours, they often turn to an internet search engine to help them find what they’re looking for. Most people will use Google[nbnote]Google is by far the most popular search engine, with 66% search share in December accounting for 12 billion searches.[/nbnote], and if they are looking for a local service, chances are their search will trigger Google to include results from Google Local Listings.

The Google Local Listings are commonly referred to as the “7-pack” — Google lists seven (and occasionally 3 or 10)  top businesses for a particular location and query. The 7-pack takes up most of the first page of search results and is the best way for small business to get search traffic.

If you appear in Google’s 7-pack for search keywords that relate to your local business, you will get new clients every month. If you’re interested knowing exactly what the 7-pack is worth to you in dollars, check out this blog post.

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