2-way Google Calendar Sync

Do you use Google calendar? Do you wish that  all your Google appointments would show up in Schedulista, and vice versa?

Your wish has been granted. We are excited to introduce 2-way  Google Calendar.

All your Google appointments will appear in Schedulista and all your Schedulista  appointments will appear in Google calendar.


  • Adding a personal appointment in Google calendar will automatically block time out in your Schedulista calendar.
  • You can reschedule any appointment in either calendar, and the change will be reflected in the other calendar.
  • Google appointment data (such as title and description) in your Schedulista calendar will be hidden from all other Schedulista providers, including administrators.


Set up Instructions



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Felix has 15 years experience working in high tech. He has worked at startups, built internet services at Google and Microsoft, and founded two software companies, one during the first dot-com boom. He has a background in mathematics, distributed systems, and people management. Felix's passions outside work include painting, cooking, and armchair theorizing with friends.

16 thoughts on “2-way Google Calendar Sync

  1. I cannot figure out how to schedule appointments for my clients from my Google Calendar. I am able to do it from schedulista which is one way sync as bur your site mentions 2 way sync which means I should be able to add appts via the Google Calendar.
    Also, how do I login schedulista on my iPad ? It asks for an email/password but l login on my android via my Google email. That I was not an option at the login prompt on the iPad app.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      You can make an appointment in Google Calendar and it will show up in Schedulista and block out time, but it will not be a “service appointment” that sends the confirmation and reminder emails to clients. In order to create a service appointment, it must be created directly in Schedulista. This is because we don’t have any good way to tell if an appointment created in Google calendar is for client or is just a personal appointment, like a dentist appointment.

  2. Hi Felix, My co-worker has admin access to our Schedulista account. She has input her work hours in Schedulista. We share a Google calender. There are days she has blocked out on our Google calender when she won’t be available. However, she is still marked ävailable” in Schedulista. I have tried syncing the calenders several times to no avail. She also tried to connect the Google calender with her Schedulista calender but she gets this message:

    Google calendar you selected is already being synchronized by another Schedulista account.

    Thanks, Bonnie

    • By default — If you create a full day appointment in Google calendar, it will be marked as “available”.

      You can open the appointment in Google calendar, and mark it as “unavailable”. It will then appear as unavailable in Schedulista as well.

      Note: This is only true for full-day google appointments.

  3. :Is there an Iphone app for schedulista? It’s too slow on Iphone3 gs with out one. Also, if I link by google calendar with schedulista, is there a way to not have my private massag appointments NOT show up on a work places schedulista’s calendar?

    • There is an iPhone app and and Android app. Just search for Schedulista in the appropriate app store.

      Regarding your private appointments, only you will be able to see the title and details. The other service providers will only see the time as being unavailable.

      Feel free to contact support if you need any additional help.

    • Schedulista doesn’t currently have the ability to schedule two therapists for the same appointment. The workaround is to schedule a standard appointment, and then block out the time on the other therapist’s calendar.

    • Hi Jim, Schedulista does not currently sync 2-way with Office 365. One think you might consider is setting up a google calendar account, and then synchronizing both Schedulista and Office 365 with your Google Calendar account. I believe this has worked well for some of our customers.

      We do plan on adding 2-way sync for Office 365 some time in the future.

  4. Hello there, I’m trying to synchronise the google calendar, so I follow the steps and get to singing into google and pressing ‘Allow’ and nothing happens. In the instructions it says that we need to go back to the settings and ‘activate’ this, however there is nothing to activate, schedulista only asks me to log in again – like nothing has happened. What does one need to do?

    • Hi Veronika,

      I took a look at your account. It does not look like google calendar sync is set up on your user account. Given your description, I’m not sure what issue you’re running into. For example, you should not be prompted to “log in again”.

      Do you want to give us a call? 800-419-1672. We could walk you through the process.

  5. HI, Felix. I’m considering switching to Schedulista, but I need to know if your one-way calendar sync allows for more than one Google Calendar. If not, is this a feature that we could expect in the future?

    I’m also curious if you can limit the number of appointments a provider is scheduled for in a day, and if you can have a different number on different days.

    These features are what I’m looking for in my ideal scheduling service. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Currently, you can sync one Schedulista calendar to one Google Calendar. If you have multiple calendars on your Schedulista account, each one can sync to a separate Google Calendar.

      To limit the number of appointments scheduled in a day, you can set your available appointment times to specific times. For instance, you can make four available appointment times on Mondays, six available appointment times on Tuesdays, five available times on Wednesdays, and so on. Read more on setting specific times here:

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