New Schedulista mobile app v6: Push notifications for provider alerts, Activities log

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We’ve just released a new version of our mobile app!

What’s new in version 6?

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, specifically for Apple’s recent iOS 13 releases, two new features are going to help make your business more efficient.

Push Notifications
Push notifications through the new mobile app are replacing the provider text messages to alert you when appointments are booked, cancelled, or rescheduled by clients or other providers.

Same information, but you’ll get it more quickly. Plus, you can tap on the push notification to open to the appointment on your mobile app calendar to view full details. Learn more about provider push notifications here.

IMPORTANT: By using the new app, you will no longer receive provider text (SMS) notifications. Your clients, of course, will still receive appointment text reminders if they’ve opted in.

Activities Page
The new Activities Page lists recent activities that have happened on your account in chronological order. This log lets you see who booked, cancelled, or rescheduled appointments in the order they happened. Explore more on Activities in the mobile app here.

Check your phone for app updates or install the latest version by searching for “Schedulista” in the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android.

Customize the headers and booking button of your online scheduler

You can now customize the headers and the Schedule Appointment button of your online scheduler to fit your business even more!

On each page of the online scheduler, a header introduces and directs your clients to the action taken on the page. The default headers are:

  • CHOOSE A SERVICE TO SCHEDULE on your list of services;
  • CHOOSE PROVIDER when more than one provider offers a service; and
  • CHOOSE A DATE & TIME when selecting an appointment time.

Each of these can now be updated with a single line of text up to 50 characters to personalize and sound more like your business.

You can also customize the text of the Schedule Appointment button on the details form page where clients enter their contact and payment information.


More details on customizing your headers here.

And more on changing your booking button text here.

Booking made easier with Schedulista + Instagram


Social media and scheduling just got easier! Your clients can now book appointments with Schedulista directly from your Instagram business profile using their mobile phones.

By enabling the Book action button, clients can quickly book an appointment on the go after viewing your latest posts using the Instagram mobile app.


To make the process even faster and easier, Instagram will offer suggestions based on your client’s IG profile to quickly fill in the booking form.


You can add the Book button to replace the link to your scheduler in your Instagram profile. Or use both so your clients on mobile and the web can book with ease.

Follow the instructions to add the Book button here.

New feature: Custom fields to ask clients additional information

You can now ask for additional information when a client schedules their appointment.

We’ve also added custom notices where you can provide additional business policies or information for the service they are scheduling.

Full documentation here.

Note: Although you can add as many custom fields to your scheduling details form as you’d like, we recommend a small number of vital questions so people aren’t discouraged from scheduling.


Custom fields can be set to be required or optional.

Single-line input field - Asks a question that allows for a single line of text for quick, simple answers


Paragraph field - Asks a question that allows for multiple lines of text for detailed responses


Radio buttons - Asks a question with multiple options from which to select a single answer


Single checkbox - Provides a checkbox for clients to acknowledge they have read or agree to something, would like something additional for their appointment, or more


Multiple checkboxes - Asks a question and provides multiple preset answers. Clients can check multiple options.



Custom notice - Allows you to inform clients about your business, service, details, payment or scheduling policies, appointment instructions, or other useful information. Includes a bold header and text below it.




New feature: Specify Appointment Location

We have a new feature that lets you or your client specify a location for the appointment.

Clients can now schedule house calls. Businesses can offer events or services at alternate locations.

Specifying an alternate location

You can specify an alternate location for a service or an appointment.

For example, you are a real estate agent giving home tours at a specific location on a specific day.

Below is a screenshot of the administrator setting an alternate location for a service:


Client specifies the location

You can also have your client specify the location.

For example: You offer on-location massage at the client’s home or hotel.

Below is a screenshot of the client filling out location details.


New Schedulista Mobile Apps

new online scheduling app

We’ve just launched new versions of our iPhone and Android apps.

We rewrote the apps from scratch for a better user experience (plus a modern look), and we’re excited to share them with everyone.

Other improvements include:

  • Client search
  • Merge clients
  • Change your work hours or take the day off
  • Appointments can now be scheduled in 5-minute increments
  • 24-hour work schedule possible

Thanks beta testers

Thanks to our awesome beta testers who helped us squash the bugs and iron out the kinks:

Jackie, Valerie, Jessica, Traci, Michele, Debra, Frank, Greg, Bonnie, Pilar, Nancy, Isha, Jack, Amanda, Tommy, Candi, Rachael, Gabriel, Lauren, Michael, Daniel, Dr. Amy, Margit, Dre, Allan, Marina, Sydney, Brianna, Scott, Dan, Julie, Jody, Megan, Shelly, Rich, Carol, Lisa, Holli, Kait, Dan, Kristen, Jocelyn, Connor, Tony, Frank, AJ, Miranda, Danny, Ember, Brittney, Matt, Lindsay, Dr. Dustin, Riot, Katrina, April, Shayla, Casey, Jimmy, Jaiya, Audrey, Cindy, Krystal, Talin, Cindy, Gabriel, Lindsay, Jordan, Kelli, Heather, Shelly, Erica, Richard, Amber, Jessica, Dominic, Jenny, Shelly, Sam, Laura, Andrea, Shaylee, Michele, Paul, Cassandra, Mike, Nicole, Michelle, Dr. Theresa, Gary, Ronit, and many more…

Upgrade on iOS

To upgrade to the new app on iPhone, go to App Store > Updates and press the “Update” button next to Schedulista.

Upgrade on Android

On Android, we’ve launched the new version as a brand-new (separate) app. Click here to install, or you can search for “Schedulista” in the Google Play store to find it. We recommend uninstalling the older app.

Now more ways to add scheduling to Facebook

We’ve noticed — and you likely have, too — that tabs on Facebook pages don’t appear in the mobile app for phones and tablets.

There are other ways to integrate Schedulista into your Facebook business page so it appears on all devices.


We recommend adding a “Book Now” button as the best option to connect your clients on Facebook to your scheduler.



You can also share your scheduler on your page with a post to encourage clients to schedule appointments. You can pin that post to the top of your page’s timeline to keep clients aware.


And, of course, we still support the Schedule Appointment tab.

Check out the Facebook page in your Settings to learn more about these options to add and promote scheduling on your Facebook business page.


New customizations for the scheduling widget

We’ve just rolled out a new feature that allows you to fine-tune the look of the widget.

You can specify font, accent color, text color, and background color.

We also have an option called “Design Inheritance” that lets Schedulista automatically choose these options for you based on your website.

Choosing Fonts and Colors

On the Scheduler page you can now customize all of the widget’s colors and the font it uses.


Choosing Design Inheritance

Design inheritance allows your widget to match the design of the website you embed it in. Rather than manually entering the same colors and font you use on your website, you can use design inheritance to do this for you. Simply change the setting for a font or color to “Inherit” to use inheritance for that aspect of your widget’s design.


Schedulista is now available in multiple languages

Schedulista has gone international. We’ve translated the scheduler into French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can see an example of each by clicking the links below:

You can change your scheduler language by going to the design page or by clicking the “Settings” tab, click “Design” and click “Language”.

Screenshot from 2016-05-24 09:42:10

Please note that only the scheduler (what your clients see) has been translated. The rest of the app is still in English.

If you’d like to have Schedulista translated into another language, let us know by sending a request to